Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Starting Small

Picture Taken by Rebecca Waits-Time to Simplify
Several months ago I came across a blog about living a minimalist life.  Becoming Minimalist is the blog and it has changed my way of thinking about the things I have and the world around me.  I had heard of living this way before but had never really taken the time to read about someone actually doing it.  Joshua Becker is the author of this blog inspiring people to live a more intentional life with less.  He shares about how he and his family started this journey and are continuing it today.  It is  a wonderful blog to read and I highly recommend it if you are looking at living a minimalist life.

So, I started looking at the things in our home and realizing we were living with so many material things that just didn’t have any real value in our lives.  I am not one of those people that can just wake up and decide to get rid of everything in our home that doesn’t work for us.  I decided to start small.  One space at a time.  One box at a time.  One closet at a time.  You get the point.  The box above is just one of those small starts.  It contained letters, cards, pins and many other things I have collected over the years and was hanging onto.  Why?  Because I felt that if I got rid of a card someone gave, I was taking something away from the person as well.  Does this way of thinking make any sense?  No!  I still love and care about that person with or without hanging onto that piece of paper.  Did I get rid of everything in the box at one time?  No!  But I did get rid of a lot.  I plan on going back through the box in a few months and letting go of more.  Starting Small!  Some of us need to go baby steps but at least we are going forward in a new direction of thinking. 

So, if you are thinking of starting on the road to a minimalist or simple lifestyle remember to take it at pace that is comfortable for you and if you need help, ask for it. Go online and search for blogs or sites that can lead and inspire you.

As a side note, I have changed the name of my blog from Time to Organize to Time to Simplify.  I will talk about that in the next post!  Until then, take some Time to Simplify and have a great day!

Here is a link to:
Becoming Minimalist

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