Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Organizing Tip Tuesday-Target Dollar Bins


10-1-13 021

Do you love Target?  Well, I do.  Big Time!  I make a trip once a week by myself and enjoy time on my own, plus some good deals here and there.

At the front of the store are the Dollar Bins.  You can find some pretty good deals here and hey, everything is under $5 bucks.  Now, as someone who is new to living a more simplified lifestyle, this space at Target could be bad.  However, I am learning to shop for only things I need and I am more than prepared to walk away from this section empty handed.  I have been teaching myself over the past weeks to go into a store and only buy things that are needed in our home or for my family.  It is really not that hard once you get it into your mindset.  I promise.

So, I was in this section of Target and came across this utensil holder for $1.  It is small and narrow.  This would do just fine for our drawer and silverware.  That was all I picked up in the Dollar Bins.  I walked away very happy and not feeling at all that I needed any more stuff.  I have gone to Target lately and walked around the store leaving without a single item.  For me, this has been a good technique to use to get into that mindset of buying what is only a necessity. 

So my tip for this week is to check out those Dollar Bins at your local Target but only get what you can truly use. 

Have a great week and take some Time to Organize.