Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clearing out the Cabinets


baking 019

I know those are very yummy looking cookies but that’s not what this post is about.  Last week I was clearing out a space in one of our bottom cabinets and I came across this cake stand pushed to the back of the cabinet.  I had forgotten it was under there!  I pulled it out, cleaned it off and set it on the open shelves that we have in our breakfast area.

scout camp 012

So yesterday, I was looking at the cake stand and decided that my daughter and I should make some chocolate chip cookies.  The cake stand would make a great place to put the cookies when they were done.

My point to all this is, that sometimes when things are OUT OF SIGHT, they are OUT OF MIND.  By placing this cake stand in view, it was on my mind to use it.  Taking the time to clear out cabinets and organize what you have can make special items that you have more visible and therefore become more useful.  You can also rotate your items around.  Put out some things that you have not used in awhile and when those items have been out for awhile, put them up and bring out something new. 

Have a great day everyone and take some Time to Organize!  Oh, and go make some cookies!!!

baking 017

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What we want and what we need


scout camp 006

Hope everyone is having a great week.  I have missed posting the last couple of weeks, but life gets busy and some things are put aside.  Thanks for understanding.  I will post a new organizing tip next Tuesday so make sure and look for it.

Are you wondering what is up with the blank shelves up there?  Well, last night I was lying in bed and thinking about all the things that we need to take care of around our home, in our lives and so on.  The list is endless I am sure if I ever had the guts to actually sit down and make it!

I think I came to the realization that I have been living a life of want instead of need.  All the things I need to take care of have not happened because my want of other things has always gotten in the way.

Since I have been going through our home and trying to minimize the clutter and get rid of the things that we just do not need, I am slowly starting to see the things that are more important.  Family time, hobbies that I have put aside, our home, our yard, and etc.  A cute knick knack will make me feel happy for alittle while, but in the long run, I will need something to replace that feeling and I will want to buy something else.

Living a more simple life is difficult in a world of materialism.  Everyday we are bombarded by what we think we want instead of just being satisfied with what we need to live a good life. 

I am learning every day now how to live with less and be happy about it.  In doing this, I am discovering how much I really have around me like, my children’s smiles, my husband’s encouraging words and a home that is not full of stuff but full of happiness and love. 

And don’t worry, those shelves up there are not bare but they are a lot less crowded now.  Have a great day and take some Time to Organize!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Organizing Tip Tuesday-A little jar


227Hey out there!  I hope everyone is having a fantastic week.  Summer is in full swing here and the kids are loving it!

My tip for today is jars for organizing.  I think it is pretty obvious these things are a great organizing tool.  You can use them for so many things: pencils, make-up brushes, cooking utensils and the list goes on and on. 

I decided to use this little jar I had lying around the house for cotton balls.  It sits on a shelf in the bathroom.  We have a small space bathroom, so little organizing tools work great in there for us.  I like that the jar has a lid that seals too. 

Have a great week and take some Time to Organize! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Organizing Tip Tuesday

201Here is a quick organizing tip: Think Outside the Box!
I was not using these sugar bowls for sugar, so why not for chalk and q-tips!
226Look for things around your home that you can use to make a space organized.  Get Creative and Think Outside the Box.