Thursday, January 16, 2014

Organizing Tip-Wreath Hangers

I hope everyone out there is having a fantastic week.  I mentioned in my previous post about changing the name of my blog from Time to Organize to Time to Simplify.  I think the main reason for making the change was that I kept organizing the same stuff over and over again.  I went back and looked at some of my older posts and saw that I had organized the same bookshelf like five times.  I thought that was crazy! 

Since we have decided to start living a more simplified lifestyle, I knew my ways of organizing had to change.  If we are giving up more possessions and not replacing them with new ones, I am hoping this will mean less re-organizing the same space and things over and over again. 

I enjoy organizing and definitely think that it can go with living a simplified life.  We may have less to organize, but we still need the organization in order to have simplicity in our household and daily life.  Simplified organization.  So that brings me to todays organizing tip.

I wish I could take the credit for this one, but it was my husband who came up with this idea.  I didn’t even see him do it.  One day a couple of weeks ago, I walked into the bedroom and saw his robe hanging from the door.  I walked over and saw he had hung it on a wreath hanger!  Genius!  How simple and efficient.  We had used the hangers for Christmas, but that is honestly the only time I use them now, so I went and got the other wreath hanger and hung up my robe too. 

You can purchase these hangers just about anywhere.  I have had mine for years, so didn’t cost a dime!  If you are looking for over the door storage ideas, I think this one is awesome.  ‘'

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Photos by Rebecca Waits-Time to Simplify

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