Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hello Again and Bookshelf Re-Organization

Hello Again!!  It has been so long since I have been on this wonderful space!  I went back to work in January and made it till last week.  Geesh!  Between both my kids being sick constantly and paying tuition, I didn’t see the point in working.  So, I am very happy to be back home full time.  I will get back out there one day, but for now I am very content on being here for my family and home full time!

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   Now for some organizing!!!  This is one of three bookshelves that is in our living room.  I had a post about it awhile back:Bookcase.
Well, you know what sometimes happens with life; it gets busy and we do not always keep up with the things we should.  This can be a common thing especially when it comes to keeping our homes organized. 
This space is very important for our home, so I knew that I needed to redo it so it would work better for our home and family than it has been.
This space needs to be used for mail, card making and scrapbooking supplies, office supplies, receipts, pictures and camera stuff.  That is a lot for one bookshelf.  Let’s see how I did it.

First, I cleaned everything off the shelves.  I then began to try and picture where I wanted everything to go.  Kind of like brainstorming how I wanted the bookshelf to look.

086Here is the bottom shelf with notebooks and envelopes, photo albums and boxes of photos, picture cd’s and video tapes(that one day I will convert to digital).
085The next two shelves are paper, box of card making and scrapbook supplies, box of stickers and a box of small paper and stamps.
084The very narrow shelf has pictures that need to be organized and camera stuff in a clear container.  The next shelf up has a box for receipts, container for keys, pen and pencil holder and one more box for office supplies.  My label maker is resting on top of the last box.  Label makers are awesome and I highly recommend owning one!
087The last two shelves house a file tray for ingoing and outgoing mail, a jar for change and the top has a collection of rocks and seashells that we have collected over the years.
Here is a look of the entire shelf redone and looking much better. 
089I was really pleased that I got all my card making and scrapbook supplies on this shelf.  I had been keeping them in the garage and in a pie safe.  Now that I can see everything, I know I will be much more keen to working on my hobby.  Having your supplies out, visible and organized will help in doing the things you enjoy. 
In this project, I used things that I already had from home and did not have to purchase anything except label maker tape for $7.00.  Remember, organizing does not have to be expensive.  Working with what you have on hand and a little imagination can work wonders!
Over the next few weeks I will be re-organizing more bookshelves and talking about living a minimalist life.  Have a great day and take some Time to Organize.

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