Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bookshelf #2 Re-organization



organizing 003                                    organizing 012

Can you spot the changes that I did?  I know, it wasn’t much but to me, it made a difference.  Here is what I did to re-organize this bookshelf.

First, I took everything down and dusted the shelves with a wet paper towel.  I just use water to dust most of the time.

Second, I put everything back on the bottom three shelves just as it had been before.

organizing 011

The next shelf has books laying flat and staked in two groups of three with some art in between the stacks.  There is a small green tulip vase on one stack too.

organizing 007

The next shelf has another stack of three books with a pottery piece on it.  Some pictures sit next to this stack.

The top shelf has books lined up across.  The books at the end lying flat, have more books staked behind them.  I just pushed everything forward to make it would look symmetrical.

organizing 009

And there you have it.  A very simple re-organization without spending a lot of time or money. 

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