Wednesday, May 23, 2012

San Antonio Zoo

We did this trip over spring break this year.  I would recommend not going during spring break or St. Patrick's Day which is what we did.  I would also recommend though that you still go during the coolest parts of the year because this is Texas and yeah, it gets hot here.  I think a good time to visit would be between late October to early April.  If you do come during the summer the earlier you start your day the better so it is not so hot.  Staying at least one night would be good too.  If you go to downtown San Antonio, be prepared to spend some money.  We wanted to go to the wax museum but were not prepared to spend over $100.00.  My husband was really disappointed with that one.   I am hoping our next trip to San Antonio will not be so crowded and that we will be able to spend some better time at the River Walk. 

Saturday my husband and I took the kiddos to the San Antonio Zoo. We stopped at Chickafila on the way out there and my daughter must have drank some bad milk. She puked as soon as we pulled up to the zoo. Yikes and Yuck! We went and cleaned up the van, got back to the zoo and bought her a shirt! She felt much better after she got the yucky milk out of her system. Poor baby! We told her, next time the milk tastes ewww, you can give it to us!

We had lots of fun at the zoo. Lots of beautiful animals. We got to see baby otters, tons of birds, black bears and a white rhino. I have to admit, the animals were a little lazy for a spring day but ah well! Maybe it was their naptime! The butterfly house was super amazing! That was my favorite part of the day!  I thought the prices of admission and things inside the zoo were what you would expect to pay.  I guess I would put it at a medium price range.  Both the kids got a shirt and a really cool plastic mould made from these old moulding machines.  I thought that was neat.
Here are a few pics!

My son really liked the komodo dragons.

The train around the park next to the zoo was really fun! The kids loved it! We went down to the river walk and ate dinner but didn't stay. St. Patrick's day and spring break make for a crowded downtown! We will have to go back when there are not two events going on!

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  1. hi! i finally made it over to see your blog! thank you for stopping by my blog a few days ago - appreciate that very much!

    your children a beautiful and it looks like you had a wonderful time at the zoo!

    hope you will enjoy your summer!
    samantha :-)

    1. Thanks Samantha! Hope you all have a great summer, too!