Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Organizing Tip Tuesday-Organizing that works for YOU

For anyone who visits my blog, you have seen this bookshelf above more than once.  First it was in my son’s room.  I then moved it here and have re-organized it at least twice before.  Maybe you are thinking I cannot make up my mind about this shelf.  I do not see it in that way. 

Here is how I do see it.

When I organize a space in my home I do it for a few reasons. 

1. I want the space to work for everyone
2. I want it to be functional and easy to maintain
3. I want to have less clutter

Those are pretty much the top three reasons for me.  I picture in my mind how I want the space to work and what things I want in the space.  Then, I clear it off completely, clean it, and work until it fits the picture in my mind.

Now sometimes, this works out great and I do not have to organize that space again for a long time.  Other times, I end up re-organizing it right away or when I can see that it is just not working with the reasons I listed above.  This is my way of organizing and it works for me.  Everyone is different of course and so is everyone’s home.  From the layout to what you have in your home.  No one has the same exact space.

The three reasons I listed above though, can be used for anyone’s home.  How you choose to arrange furniture or how you choose to store your items is completely up to you. 

But, you may not like my list of reasons for organizing and that is cool.  We are all unique in are thinking too.  My point is that as long as you are making an attempt to organize and simplify your life, you are on the road to a home that works for you and yours.  Don’t organize because you saw an awesome PIN and are determined for your home to look like that one in the picture.  Take that idea and make it your OWN.  I love to be inspired by Pinterest but my house is distinct in that it is MINE. 

So, learn to organize in a way that works for YOU.  I do hope you come and visit me here though for inspiration!  Have a great day and take some Time to Organize.

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