Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What we want and what we need


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Hope everyone is having a great week.  I have missed posting the last couple of weeks, but life gets busy and some things are put aside.  Thanks for understanding.  I will post a new organizing tip next Tuesday so make sure and look for it.

Are you wondering what is up with the blank shelves up there?  Well, last night I was lying in bed and thinking about all the things that we need to take care of around our home, in our lives and so on.  The list is endless I am sure if I ever had the guts to actually sit down and make it!

I think I came to the realization that I have been living a life of want instead of need.  All the things I need to take care of have not happened because my want of other things has always gotten in the way.

Since I have been going through our home and trying to minimize the clutter and get rid of the things that we just do not need, I am slowly starting to see the things that are more important.  Family time, hobbies that I have put aside, our home, our yard, and etc.  A cute knick knack will make me feel happy for alittle while, but in the long run, I will need something to replace that feeling and I will want to buy something else.

Living a more simple life is difficult in a world of materialism.  Everyday we are bombarded by what we think we want instead of just being satisfied with what we need to live a good life. 

I am learning every day now how to live with less and be happy about it.  In doing this, I am discovering how much I really have around me like, my children’s smiles, my husband’s encouraging words and a home that is not full of stuff but full of happiness and love. 

And don’t worry, those shelves up there are not bare but they are a lot less crowded now.  Have a great day and take some Time to Organize!

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