Thursday, June 27, 2013

Clearing out the Cabinets


baking 019

I know those are very yummy looking cookies but that’s not what this post is about.  Last week I was clearing out a space in one of our bottom cabinets and I came across this cake stand pushed to the back of the cabinet.  I had forgotten it was under there!  I pulled it out, cleaned it off and set it on the open shelves that we have in our breakfast area.

scout camp 012

So yesterday, I was looking at the cake stand and decided that my daughter and I should make some chocolate chip cookies.  The cake stand would make a great place to put the cookies when they were done.

My point to all this is, that sometimes when things are OUT OF SIGHT, they are OUT OF MIND.  By placing this cake stand in view, it was on my mind to use it.  Taking the time to clear out cabinets and organize what you have can make special items that you have more visible and therefore become more useful.  You can also rotate your items around.  Put out some things that you have not used in awhile and when those items have been out for awhile, put them up and bring out something new. 

Have a great day everyone and take some Time to Organize!  Oh, and go make some cookies!!!

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