Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stuffed animals galore

I was looking at thesunnysideupblog the other day and saw a post on containing the stuffed animals.  She used really nice plastic comforter bags that she got from the dry cleaners.  That is a really great idea!  But, I don't need to clean any comforters right now and I wanted to get these animals and dolls put up now.  So, I was at the Dollar Tree on Sunday and saw this:

So I spent the dollar and brought it home.  I was super excited to get such a cheap deal to get all these stuffed creatures off my daughter's bed.  I got it out and popped it up!

I started tossing in all the animals and dolls from the bed.

Then I went to pick it up and one of the little cloth handles snapped on one side.  Ah well, it was a buck!  We are still using of course.  I will just stitch it up and hopefully it won't snap again.  I will not buy it again but it will work for now!  And just look at the bed!  I can see it again!

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