Monday, February 20, 2012

Spruced Up Pantry

 Well, I finally got it done.  It took about 3 days to finish up the pantry.  I learned a few things on sprucing up the pantry.  One, paint does not dry fast enough for me.  I was lucky to get some sunshine and a few breezes to help out but still not fast enough for me.  Two, glue guns are a lot of fun to use!  I have always had one, just have not used it in awhile.  Missed that little glue gun!  Lastly, I have a great husband.  I already knew this actually, but he keeps on proving his greatness time and time again!  Love that guy!  Okay, well, here is the before and after:

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out.  Here is what took place to get to the super end!

I cleaned everything out, wiped down the walls with a damp rag and began sanding and painting the shelves. I thought the paint on the walls looked fine, so I just painted the shelves.  I sanded each shelf just some on both sides, to get off some chipping paint spots.  I used just a white paint with the primer already mixed in.  Super easy and convenient.  Got all the paint and supplies from Home Depot.  I am a Home Depot shopper and they didn't pay me to say that one!  

There is everything out and the glue gun isn't plugged in!  My little one loves to pick up everything.

This is the ribbon I used on the shelves.  Just a little detail that I wanted to see.  I cut the ribbon so it would just fit around two ends of the shelves and hot glued it on.  No reason to go all the way around the shelf where no one can see it.

 Little details.  Got this tray at Hobby Lobby for half off!  Got the
idea from  Awesome!
The cupcake holder jar used to be a pickle jar.  No pickle smell now!  Got this idea at  Her jar was nicer than mine!  The cookie cutters are in a vase that I have not been using.  I like it!

 Used Command Hooks for water bottles.  Will hang two more when I get kids new bottles.
 Labeled jars.  I already had the jars, just washed them and put in dry goods.
 Expand a shelf organizer.  I have had this for a long time too.  Still awesome!
 I got the white baskets at The Container Store.
 The green buckets are from Dollar Tree!  Love it!

I made my own labels with leftover ribbon to match shelves, scrapbook paper and my label maker.  

 This idea came from Domestic Imperfection.  I already had the wire baskets, so I just added some paint and my husband hung them for me with an anchor and screw.  The baskets sit on the ledge just enough.  Pretty awesome!

 Here are a couple of pictures taken from the side.  I think everything goes together nicely.

One last view!  It was worth every second!  It does take time to organize, but it is a wonderful feeling to walk by my pantry and see this really pretty view.  Everyday!


  1. Good job! I am a lover of all things organized so I know the feeling when you have finished a project.

  2. Oh Yay! This is one of those projects that I am planning to do also, and I am so happy to see another pretty, pretty, organized pantry. You have re-inspired me!

  3. Thanks Laura! Good luck and have fun organizing your pantry!

  4. Thanks so much for linking up! This looks great!

  5. Terrific pantry and so nicely organized with such great containers! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I think my favorite might possibly be the command hooks for the water bottles - fantastic!

  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone! And Laurel, I love these command hooks. I used them in one of my cabinets to hang measuring cups too.

  8. I love it! I just picked up similar buckets from the dollar store for my mud room closet. We went with blue though. I'm following via lf and gfc. Stop by any time. I love to organize too!

  9. OK- Awesome Pantry! Love those Hooks for the Water Bottles! You rocked this pantry like no other- amazing!!!

  10. Thanks! I really love those hooks! Great space savers!

  11. I love the Command Hook idea for water bottles. What a great space saver. I found you at the Sunday Social. I am visiting from TheStuffofSuccess and I am your newest follower. Feel free to stop on by and say hello. Have a great week. Thanks Athena