Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Spice Rack

Well I have been hard at work on my pantry.  It is looking good and I hope to be done by Friday!  I am excited to reveal it to everyone.  My arm is sore from painting.  Yikes, I am out of shape.

Anyway, I wanted to post something that I meant to last week but forgot about it.  I have a spice rack that my Grandma gave me years ago.  It belonged to her mother, my Great-Grandma McClure.  It is nothing fancy or not worth a lot of money but I have always liked it.  I do not really have a lot of heirlooms, so I cherish this little spice rack.  I like to think of my Grandma McClure using it in her kitchen and cooking up some wonderful dishes for her family.  My Grandma McClure was a fantastic cook and she passed everything down to my Grandma(her only daughter and child).  We all love my Grandma's cooking and she is still making us wonderful home-cooked meals at 82 years!  Now, I am not such a great cook even though I do try.  However, I think my Great Grandma's organizing skills must have been passed down to me.  I always have my spices organized just like she must have years ago.

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