Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lickity Split Lasagna

Hey everyone!  I had hopped to have my pantry reveal tomorrow, but I don't think it is going to happen.  Hopefully by next week.  My kiddos are staying with their Nana and Granny this weekend.  My husband and I are headed to a B&B for some relaxation.  So have a great weekend and see you next week!

Here is my Lickity Split Lasagna recipe.  Maybe you can use it over the weekend for a quick and easy meal.  I cannot remember where I got it(I have had it for a few years) but it is yummy.  Use your favorite brands and just follow the recipe.  I will say I usually use three noodles per row and do three layers.  It makes the dish better to me.  Enjoy!

I think I need some new cards.  Looks like sauce!



  1. Lasagna...yummy! Easy lasagna...yay!! Thanks for linking up at The Stinky Linky Party! This recipe is decidedly not stinky. Well, maybe in a delicious kinda way!

  2. Hi, Rebecca. Thank you for stopping by and linking to Must Try Monday. I LOVE lasagna, especially with crusty bread :). I can't wait to see what your pantry looks like. I just posted about mine a few weeks ago. And, amazingly, it is still fairly organized!

  3. I love using cottage cheese is lasagna..I'll have to compare your recipe to the one I have - I think it's pretty similar :)

    Stopping by from Must Try Monday

  4. Until I had gotten this recipe, I had never heard of using cottage cheese. Tastes great!