Friday, January 20, 2012

Legos under control

I have been working on organizing my son's Legos for years and I think I may have finally won the battle.  I went to the Dollar Tree, bought 12 like containers, labeled by color and contents and placed on the bookshelf in his room.  I asked him if he thought he could keep it organized this way and he said he thought he could.  I hope so!  The hardest part was sorting all the colors.  It probably took me about 6-8 hours, but I really feel it was worth it.  He does have two large Lego containers and I put a few sets that we had separated into those, along with all the instructions for the many sets that he has collected over the years.  I hope this set up will make it easier for him to put sets together and be more imaginative with his own creations.  

Happy Friday to all and have a great weekend!

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