Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Hey everyone!  Hope your week is going great!  I have been sorta lazy this week and have not really accomplished a whole heck of alot.  Some days are like that I guess.  I have been painting my little girl's closet and will post that when I am finished.  Also, today I finished organizing the bookcase that had been in my son's room.  I moved it into our living room area.  I am using it in conjunction with our desk.  Here are some pictures of the bookcase.

The top shelf has baskets for storage.  The next shelf down, I used storage boxes for mail and bills.

The next two shelves are computer stuff and camera items.

The bottom three shelves are office supplies, magazines and Bible study information.

I am really happy I moved the bookcase into the living room.  It freed up so much space in my son's room and gave us some really good storage space for our office stuff.  I just used storage things that I had already and did not spend any money to organize this space.  Reuse and recycle are always good to keep in mind when organizing a space.  It does not have to cost alot of money to be organized.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

Bathroom Organization, Again

Hope everyone has had a great week.  I had been thinking about moving the shelf that I had redone out of our bathroom.  Here is a link to that post bathroom shelf.  Well, last night something happened that gave me the push I wanted.  Our toilet overflowed and there came a flood of water!  So last night after cleaning up that mess, I moved the bookshelf out!  I decided to get an over the door organizer to put our things in and give us back the space in our tiny bathroom.  I couldn't find one I wanted this morning.  We do have a container store in Austin, but I just didn't feel up to driving over there today. 

We had one in our closet that wasn't getting good use, so I just used that one.  Here it is on the bathroom door.

It is not as nice as the shelf, but I just felt like the shelf was taking up to much space.  I am really hoping this will work for us because I don't know if my husband will be too excited if I changed it for a third time.

We also have this over the toilet shelf that I got at Target last month.

Nothing fancy but it does help with storage space.  I am hoping to start getting quotes on bathroom windows next week.  The ones we have are the originals to the house which would make them 30 years old!  Yikes! 

There is a blank wall now next to the shower.  I am going to get a couple of nice hooks to use for towels.  I have been wanting my towels back close to the shower and couldn't because that is where the shelf was located. 

When you organize do not get frustrated if it is not working for you.  Sometimes, like with my bathroom, you have to try out a couple of different set ups before the right one works. 

Take some time to organize today!

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

In Bloom

Well, things are starting to really bloom.  Now if we could only get some nice rain to keep them going.  I am trying to purchase plants that are drought tolerant and perfer sun.  Our front yard has nice shade but the back is really open and sunny.  The backyard faces the west, so yeah, sunny.  Anyway, here are a few pictures of what we have growing! 

What do you have planted?  Any ideas for more plants that love sun and can go without water?  Yeah, I live in Texas!  Good guess!

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