Friday, September 13, 2013

Looking at the Future


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Don’t you wish that sometimes, you could look into your future? Not the whole story of course, but just a small glimpse. Just a tiny peek at one area of your life could help you determine what the next move in your present life should be. I am thinking that right about now, that would be an awesome thing to do.

See, I have come to the point in this life journey where I have to make a decision about a career. I have an AAS in Child Development and have worked with children off and on for over ten years. I have always felt though that this was not what I was meant to do. After having two children of my own, it has become even harder for me to want to work with others children. I know that millions of people out there are teachers, they have their own kids and they love their jobs. That is great for them! I feel that I am not one of these people. So, time for something new. Now all I have to do is figure out what that something is going to be. Do you see why looking into my future for just a moment would be super awesome?

I really want to start on the path to a new career. I have gone back and forth for years trying to figure out what I want to do. It is driving me a little crazy and my family a lot crazy. In my heart of desires, I would love to be a professional organizer. I have thought about it for a couple of years and the thought is always in my heart. Getting started and being able to really make a good income have held me back from pursuing this dream. My brain is telling me to look for something that is steady, has benefits and good pay. I can honestly feel my heart aching over this choice in my life.

It is kinda funny in a way that we are pursuing a simpler lifestyle here at home and yet I am looking into going back to school and working outside of the home full-time. The school part I do not mind because education is important, but working outside the home is scary for me. Our home is my job and so is raising our children. This is what I have done full-time for the past 6 years and I am just not sure I want to give that up to work an 8-5 job again.

Oh future me! If only I could take a short walk with you and you could tell me what to do. Why do I get the feeling though, that you would still be a procrastinator like your present self?

Maybe not.

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