Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pony Party

Well, our baby girl will turn 4 tomorrow.  Still cannot believe she is that old.  It seems like  the time is just flying by us.  We celebrated yesterday with a pony party at Kiddie Acres.  This is a place in Austin, Tx. that has vintage rides for little kids and ponies too.  All the girls got pink cowgirl hats and pink slap bracelets to take home.   Here are a few pics from the afternoon. 

Homemade Banner using scrape book paper, stickers, brown colored pencil, ribbon, horse stamps and twine.

The birthday girl on a pony.  Can you see how red she is in the face?  It was major hotttt!

Vintage kiddie airplane ride.  The propellers spun!

Carousel and kiddie ferris wheel.

Pony Cake.

Cowgirl Hat Cupcakes.

Happy Birthday to our Little Cowgirl.

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