Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chore Chart

Ah chores!  I love it that my oldest who is nine can do many chores now.  It has taken a big load off my husband and I in the evening.  We are less stressed and have more time to do other things.  Chores for kids are awesome.  Plus, we are teaching him how to be responsible, save money and keep organized!  Wow!  Did I mention chores are awesome?

I have tried a couple of different systems for keeping track of chores and have failed big time.  I am hoping this latest idea will work and keep him going to get the chores done and the money in his pocket or money bank!

I typed up and printed out the chart. I placed it on the clip board and tied a marker on it with some ribbon I had here.

I put up a Command hook at the end of our top cabinet in the kitchen.  This way he can see it and reach it!
I then hot glued some ribbon onto the back of the clipboard so I could hang it up.

Finished!  Pretty easy right?  I can always tweek the layout if need be and add or take away chores.  My son seems to really like this system of keeping track.  Maybe it is the prospect of earning $5.00 a week. 

As you can see the chores are pretty simple for a kid his age.  We started letting him clean the kitchen just a couple of months ago and he likes to do it.  Most times.  He only has to do the kitchen on Wednesdays for now.  Everything else he does Monday - Friday.  He gets a $1.00 for things marked with an * and .50c for things marked with this ^ symbol. 

I almost forgot to mention, this did not cost a dime.  I had everything I needed here at home.  Reduce and Reuse!  Woo-Hoo!

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  1. chores. kids. ugh.
    this is a great idea! And the cost is perfect!
    Thanks for linking up at the Stinky Linky!

  2. Thanks Janel! We are working on his focus! I know, haha!

  3. Thanks for linking up to the Kids Co-op! You could also laminate the chart and use a whiteboard marker to save reprinting it every week. That worked for us for over a year.

    1. Thanks Amie! We tried a whiteboard and our littlest kept erasing the information but I think I will try the laminating and see how that works! Thanks!

  4. Great idea!! Love this! Thanks so much for sharing at Thursday's Temptation.