Sunday, January 15, 2012

Desk Part One

I have made a goal to organize my whole house this year.  It is a big goal, I know, but I really feel that I can accomplish it!  Little by little I will conquer the clutter and make this place shine with organization!  Wish me luck!

I finished organizing our little desk.  It took about 3 days to get it done, but I feel sooo good about it.  I only had to buy one item.  How is that for savings!  First, I cleaned everything off the desk except for the computer and printer.  I then went through all the paper and either threw it to the trash or recycled.  For papers with account information I shred and throw in the trash.  Everything else goes to recycling.

I cleared my dry erase/magnet board.  I am finally going to use it for both.  I have just been using it for hanging stuff, but I needed a new space for writing.  Happy I did that one.

I bought a shower caddy for $6.99 from Target and am using it to hold sunglasses and pens.  I think it works great and it suctions onto the dry erase board.

The desk drawer was not too bad.  I just threw out some old cards and papers.  I organized it with a basket I already had here.  I used old twist ties to hold together camera and other electronic cords.  Free and nifty!

I bought a desk calendar at Target for one dollar, that is right, one dollar.

I used a box to place tacks, rulers and my label maker in.  I labeled it office.  Very simple.

I already had a binder that I use to put organizing ideas in and I just labeled that as well.

I used two magazine file boxes that I already had for extra file folders, notebooks and of course magazines.

That is it!  So total I did spend a little over eight dollars.  Still, not bad at all.  I will be organizing the cords behind the desk and the cabinet next to the desk.  I guess that will be part two of the desk area.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Enjoy MLK day tomorrow!  Volunteer or just tell someone how great it is to have them in your life.

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