Monday, April 30, 2012

Kids Room Part Two

Last week I posted about cleaning up and organizing my son's bedroom closet(Bedroom Closet).  I also rearranged his bed, desk and added a storage unit into his room. 

His room is small and he has three big pieces of furniture, which are the bed, desk and dresser.  We bought these pieces to last till he goes to college, so they are not going anywhere.  The bed is really a bunk bed, but his little sister is using the top bunk for now until she gets here own bed in a few months.

I moved the desk over in front of the window.  The dresser is in front of the window as well.  The window is really big, so he still gets lots of natural light when he wants to have it. 

I placed an IKEA storage unit in between these to pieces.  It holds art stuff, games, drawing books and a place to recycle paper.

We are thinking of selling our house next year and I would like to paint his room a more buyer friendly color.  Plus, we painted this room at least 4 years ago and it is time for a change for him.  I was thinking of a pale blue or light gray.  Gray seems to be a popular color. I also want to paint the trim and doors white. I just don't know whether the gray will go with his furniture color.  Any ideas?

The big bookcase is gone from his room and has found a home in our living room area.  A posting on that coming soon!

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Easy Menu Monday

First off, I wanted to share this contest going on over At Two Yellow Birds Decor.  I am looking forward to going through my Pinterest boards and finding something fun to make! 

We have a busy week happening here!  I am starting off the week with an easy dinner.  I have actually posted about this recipe before, but I am doing it again for Easy Menu Monday.  It is super easy and super yummy.  Try it with whatever brands you like and enjoy!

Lickity Split Lasagna

Here is the simple recipe.  I am still using the cards with food stains.  Yikes!

Ready to put into the oven!

Hot and steamy!  Don't hate me cause I love the cheese!

Ready to eat!  Plus, leftovers for lunch for a couple of days. 

Enjoy and have an Easy Menu Monday!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

What's up with us?

Hi everyone!  Here I am doing another weekend post.  During the week just doesn't seem to be working for my blogging at the moment.  Next week is my last week at my temp. job, so hopefully my blog and all my blog friends will be getting more of my attention.

I have done some organizing and rearranging around the house which is a super great thing! First off my son's room. He is a typical nine year old boy, which means messy. I have told others I think it is due to his artistic talents that he cannot focus on cleaning up his room. I shouldn't be so hard on him really. He does try and since we started the new chore chart it has gotten cleaner. Here are some pics of his domain before:

All the pics from above are of his closet.  I emptied everything out first.  I went through and put small things back where they belonged.  I took out the big box you see and put it in the garage.  It is full of school papers.  I plan on buying some sturdier boxes to hold all that paper and some mementos.  I kept the shoe organizer on the door and just threw out things he did not want or use anymore.  Some of the games stayed in the closet and others found a new place to stay.  Here are the after pics of what I did:

What a difference.  I had been meaning to do this for months and finally did it this weekend.    Some things found a new home here that were once on his bookshelf like the books and lego boxes.  There are two large lego boxes on the floor too.  So. many. legos. 

My next posting will be the bookshelf and the rearranging of his room.  Have a great day tomorrow!

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